Fairtrade Products

Aberlour Pharmacy is delighted to stock a wide range of Fairtrade products click Click here for more information

Calling all B&B owners

If you have guests staying with you, either because you run a B&B or hotel, or just feel like you do (!) here is some information your guests might find helpful. Some B&Bs print this off and put it in their guest information packs in each room. If you would like the information in a different format, e.g. A5, or printed colour copies, please just get in touch with Karen. Thank you!

Ostomy patients

Please talk to any member of the pharmacy team in the private consultation room to find out more about stoma services at Aberlour Pharmacy.

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Love your lungs
Love your wallet

Stopping smoking programme

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St Margaret's Church in winter, part of Aberlour Orphanage

Aberlour is a beautful place to visit, click here to see some more incredible photographs by Alan

Linn Falls on the Lour Burn, near the Aberlour Distillery

Welcome to Aberlour Pharmacy

Karen and the staff at Aberlour Pharmacy are dedicated to delivering the best care they can, both for you and your purse! They are constantly investing in the latest technology, staff training and products to make you feel better, sooner.

Do we have a mobile phone number for you?

We can now send texts to your phone through NHS secure broadband. So far we have used this service to tell people their medication has arrived in the dispensary from the supplier, to ask them to contact us to discuss a query on their prescription and to see how they are getting on with their patches / Champix, when we are helping them to stop smoking. (The NHS says we have to record how quitters are getting on every 7 days, and you really don’t want us phoning you when you are in the middle of a job. A text is so much more convenient.) We promise we won’t use it to try and sell you things.

Please check we have your mobile number on your records next time you are in the pharmacy, or email it to nhsg.aberlourcp@nhs.net Thank you!

The Chronic Medicine Service (CMS)

The Chronic Medicine Service is not the best name for a very good new pharmacy service. (There are rumours that the name will be changed soon, phew!)

If you have been on the same medication for a while, and there are no changes planned, please ask about the CMS service. We will print off a form for you to sign, then fill in a form on our computer with you, that asks things like “Can you swallow your tablets easily?”, “Can you read the label?”, etc. (This helps us identify people that might need more help with their long term medication.

So far this process has flagged up people with dyslexia that we didn’t know about, penicillin allergies that weren’t on our records, etc.) Then we will tell your doctor that you have completed all the steps at the pharmacy, please could they consider whether you would be suitable for a 24 week or 48 week prescription that says ”dispense every 8 weeks” on it.

If you are given one of these “CMS” prescriptions we will make up your medication every 8 weeks for you, and it will be ready to collect on our shelves. If you are on creams, inhalers, “when required” painkillers, etc., we will ask you if you need them every 8 weeks. It helps us plan our workload, gives the pharmacy team more time to help people stop smoking, prescribe on the Minor Ailment Service), etc. and is much easier for patients. Please ask any of the pharmacy staff if you would like to know more.

Flu vaccinations are now available

Free vaccinations for NHS employees and all carers (local authority, nursing home, etc) can be given at the pharmacy. Please bring along an ID badge or letter from your boss requesting that you are given the vaccination.

Private flu vaccinations (£20) are available for adults and children over the age of 3 years. (Children aged under 13 years who have not been vaccinated against Influenza before need a repeat vaccination after 4 to 6 weeks. The charge for a course of 2 vaccinations is £30.)

We also offer a staff vaccination service for local employers, with the company invoiced once all staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination against flu reduces the number of sick days taken. No appointment is required, so employees can attend at a time that suits them. Absolute confidentiality is, as always, maintained, so any medical history obtained during the consultation is NOT passed on to the employer. Please contact the pharmacy for more information.

The following people should contact their medical practice to be vaccinated:

  • People who are sixty five years or older.
  • People with a chronic illness, or who are a “relative carer” of someone with a chronic illness (heart disease, respiratory disease, renal disease, diabetes, liver disease, immunosuppresion, etc).

Ahead of your visit to the Pharmacy please download the forms below and complete them so that we can get your vaccination done as quickly as possible, thank you.

1. Latest Informaiton on Flu Vaccinations for 2014/2015

2. NHS Employee record form 2014/2015

3. Private flu vaccination record form 2014/2015

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Two minutes of your time for some feedback?

It is very important to myself, Karen, and the whole team at Aberlour Pharmacy that we provide you with great value, services that improve your health and ensure that you get the most from your medicines, and most importantly, appropriate medication and confidential advice when you and your family need it.
In order to help us maintain or, if required, improve our service to you, we would appreciate your feedback. Please take two minutes to complete this survey - it is completely anonymous but will help us to develop our service to you and our community.
On behalf of all of us at Aberlour Pharmacy, thank you for your feedback and for your continued loyalty to our pharmacy.

Please click the link below to start the survey


Gluten Free Food Service

The Scottish Gluten-free Food Service is an NHS service that allows you to manage your gluten-free food prescription through your pharmacist instead of through your GP.

What are the benefits of the new service?

Convenience - you no longer have to contact your GP to alter your prescription

Control - you will gain control of the amount and type of foods you order each month, up to an agreed amount

Choice - you will have a food list to choose from, which means more variety in your diet

Monitoring - adults using the service will be offered an annual health check to monitor their condition from their pharmacist

The NHS has produced information leaflets for you about:

Click on the links above to download a PDF of each documents

We will have some blank order forms in the dispensary, so we can complete it for you if you phone in or email in your order. And if it is all a bit baffling, come in to the pharmacy and we’ll work it out together! We have calculators, and there are pictures of the products on the internet, so that should make the job easier.

Please make sure we have the best contact details for you (mobile, email address, etc.) so we can contact you promptly when your order is ready. The fresh bread products only have a five day shelf life, though you can of course freeze them.

I hope you find the service works well for you. Please tell us if there is anything we can do to improve it, or if you have any questions.

Come and say hello

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Another satisfied customer!

It's not just people we help. Bertie's Mum regularly orders his tablets from us. When she brings in the prescription from the vet we have them ready and waiting for her to collect when she's next passing by the pharmacy.

This saves Bertie's Mum lots of pennies that go towards treats like carrots!

Thank you letter from Bertie the horse

Massed bands on Games Day

Not only did all the bands look and sound great but they were marching past the Pharmacy with it's new branding and signs so we just had to put up a couple of pictures!

Marching bands going past the pharmacy in aberlour Marching bands going past the pharmacy in aberlour

New Recommended Doses of Paracetamol

The MHRA has introduced new clearer dose instructions for paracetamol suspension. This will make is easier for people looking after children from 3 months to 12 years to know how much medicine to give. New packs showing the clearer doses will be available as the old stock sells through. Until then, Aberlour Pharmacy is providing information sheets showing the new dose. Please ask for a sheet and a medicine spoon next time you are in the pharmacy.

New Recommended Doses of Paracetamol for Children

120mg / 5ml (Purple Calpol, “Under 6 years”)

  • 3 – 6 months 2.5ml up to four times in 24 hours
  • 6 – 24 months 5ml up to four times in 24 hours
  • 2 – 4 years 7.5ml up to four times in 24 hours
  • 4 – 6 years 10ml up to four times in 24 hours

250mg / 5ml (Red Calpol, “Over 6 years”)

  • 6 – 8 years 5ml up to four times in 24 hours
  • 8 – 10 years 7.5ml up to four times in 24 hours
  • 10 – 12 years 10ml up to four times in 24 hours

Free Hearing Tests

Jo Farquhar of Moray Hearing Care offers free hearing tests, a free 30 day trial of a range of hearing aids and ear wax removal (£25). Jo has many years experience both working in the NHS and privately. She can give advice on how to improve your hearing, maintain your hearing aid and also manage tinnitus. Please contact the pharmacy on 01340 871 279 to make an appointment with Jo.

If you or your partner has the TV so loud they can hear it next door, or has a hearing aid that whistles serenley, please phone the pharmacy on 01340 871 279 to make an appointment with Jo.

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The pharmacy has been owned and managed by Karen Braithwaite since 2003. Karen is a registered pharmacist and is Superintendent Pharmacist of Aberlour Pharmacy. She studied at the University of Bradford and graduated in 1995 after completing placements in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy in the UK and in a teaching hospital in Spain. Since graduating Karen has worked in community pharmacy and in the NHS as a prescribing adviser and manager.

The pharmacist is available without appointment for advice on prescription medicines and treating illnesses yourself with over-the-counter medicines.

Karen is assisted by Elaine and Diane in the dispensary, Yvonne, Joyce and Eilidh at the pharmacy counter, and Sheila and Liz in the office.

The private consultation room can be used for any consultation, just because it allows you and the pharmacist to talk without being interrupted.

We offer the following services:

Prescription collection / Flu vaccination / Smoking cessation / Emergency contraception / Advice about minor ailments / Dry cleaning

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-1pm 2pm-6pm
Sat 9am-1pm Closed
Sun Closed Closed

Closed on Saturday afternoons

Contact us

tel 01340 871 279
fax 01340 871 279
email karen.braithwaite@nhs.net


112 High St, Aberlour, Moray, AB38 9NX


The Pharmacy

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Contact NHS24 on 111 for healthcare advice when the pharmacy is closed

To confirm that Aberlour Pharmacy and Karen Braithwaite are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council please go to www.pharmacyregulation.org and search the registers, on the right hand side of the home page.

The Superintendent Pharmacist's GPhC number is 2043564 and the premises GPhC number is 1041912.

Photography by Alan Butterfield | Karen would like to thank Alan for kindly allowing his beautiful photos to be used on the pharmacy website. Alan can be contacted at alanwbutterfield@aol.com

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