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We offer a wide range of services

Over the Counter Medicines

There a large range of medicines now available without prescription. This is good, because it means there are more illnesses you can treat yourself without having to take time off for a Doctor's appointment.

On the other hand, it does mean there are more medicines that might disagree with those prescribed by the Doctor, or other illnesses like high blood pressure.

The pharmacist is always available (perhaps you might have to wait a few minutes if the pharmacy is busy) to give advice on:

  • Which medicines will be most effective at making you feel better quickly
  • Which medicines are safe with your prescribed medicines, and any other illnesses you may have, e.g. asthma, heart disease, etc.
  • Which medicines are best value - "own label" medicines can be half the price of branded medicines like Nurofen and Panadol.

Do remember to ask if the person you are buying medicines for is eligible for the Minor Ailment Service (under 16 years old, over 60 years, pregnant, etc)

Fairtrade products

Aberlour Pharmacy is delighted to stock a wide range of Fairtrade products. We have delicious Divine Chocolate, which is beautifully packaged, so makes a great gift, if you can bear to hand it over! Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by cocoa farmers. While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.

We also have gifts, handbags, etc from Traidcraft. The handmade wooden toys are family heirlooms in the making. The wooden reading glasses holder has been a top seller, mainly bought by people who have heard “where are my glasses?” too many times! You can see the full range on the Traidcraft website: We buy the coffee that fuels the pharmacy team from Traidcraft. If you would like us to order coffee for you when we place our order, or any other Traidcraft items, please get in touch. (There is often a discount if you buy a case of 6 jars, for example, so if we get a volume discount we will pass it on to you.)

Aberlour Pharmacy supports Fairtrade Aberlour. This is a group with representatives from the Church, Community Association, primary and secondary schools, local businesses, the Scouts, etc., all working together to increase awareness of Fairtrade, and the availability of Fairtrade products in local shops, hotels, and canteens. Aberlour was very proud to be the first community in Moray to be awarded Fairtrade Town status. You can find out more about Fairtrade Aberlour on the Facebook page

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available from the pharmacy counter. If you aren’t quite sure what to give, a gift voucher will let them choose exactly what they would like – so much better than a gift going to the charity shop or the next raffle, or even worse gathering dust at the back of a cupboard! Many people also find them a handy way treat someone who is unwell, or no longer in their own home. Staff at the care home and hospital often help residents choose toiletries, etc., to buy with a gift voucher. It makes a fun outing!

ID Photos

Photos for Passports, etc.

£4.99 for eight UK Passport photos.

No appointment is required.

We check the image will pass the UK Passport Authority regulations, and you can check that is a picture you will be happy with for the next ten years, before it is printed. It takes just five minutes for most photos.

Photos are also taken for driving licenses, firearms licenses, bus passes, disabled parking passes, etc.

We specialise in getting great photos of babies and toddlers. There is no rush, getting the right photo takes patience! It helps if you can bring a toy or two, to hold behind the camera, and a white / cream blanket to lay babies on.

There is a play park with swings and a slide just behind the pharmacy, which is useful if toddlers need a few minutes away from the camera.

If you require a “non-standard” photo, for example a US passport photo, please bring the details with you. It takes just a few minutes to change the settings on the camera.

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Dry Cleaning

Aberlour Pharmacy acts as agents for Elgin Express Cleaners.

Items for cleaning are collected every Tuesday and Thursday, and most are returned on the next visit, i.e. in three or five days time.

Drop off your cleaning whenever it suits you; it will be stored safely until it is collected.

Duvets take a week because it is important they are fully dried before they are safely wrapped in polythene for you to store until the winter or you next have guests.

As well as dry cleaning suits, kilts and glamorous party frocks, we regularly take in curtains, bedding and cushion covers for cleaning

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Living Aids

There are an unbelievable range of products available to help you look after yourself at home when your body starts to be unco-operative!

We can discuss your needs, help you choose the right product and order in whatever you need.

For example we have ordered in commodes, cutlery for arthritic hands, bedpans, beautiful delicate china cup and saucer sets that happen to have two handles, making them easier to use for shaky hands, etc. Please ask for more information by phone or at the counter.

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Disabled Access

It is very important to Karen and the pharmacy staff that the full range of products and advice available in the pharmacy are accessible to all.

We have taken advice from the Moray Access Panel about the steps at the front door. It is not possible to add a ramp because of the proximity of the main road, so hand rails have been added which customers who use walking sticks, etc find very helpful.

There is a doorbell by the handrail to attract the attention of the pharmacy staff. Many customers in mobility scooters find it quicker and more convenient to ring the bell and be served on the pavement than to get out of the scooter and use sticks to get into the pharmacy.

We are also happy to come out and talk to customers in cars parked outside. This service is often used by people who are too poorly or frail to come out of the car, particularly in bad weather.

We have a portable ramp that fits neatly over the steps to allow wheelchair access to the pharmacy. It only takes a moment to fit, so do ring the bell and ask us to bring it out. The consultation room is also wheelchair accessible.

There is a portable induction loop to amplify sound located behind the pharmacy counter. This focuses the sound of the voices above the loop to your hearing aid. Please ask for it to be switched on if you would find it helpful, and remember to switch your hearing aid to “T”.

Please tell us if there is anyway in which we can improve the accessibility of our services.

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