Disabled Access

disabledIt is very important to the pharmacy staff that the full range of products and advice available in the pharmacy are accessible to all.

We have taken advice from the Moray Access Panel about the steps at the front door. It is not possible to add a fixed ramp because the pavement, and the main road is too close.  However we have a portable ramp that fits neatly over the steps to allow wheelchair access to the pharmacy. It only takes a moment to fit, so please ring the doorbell and ask us to bring it out.

Hand rails have been added to both sides of the steps, which customers who use walking sticks find very helpful.

There is a doorbell by the handrail to attract the attention of the pharmacy staff. Many customers in mobility scooters find it more convenient to ring the bell and be served on the pavement.  We are happy to come out and serve you.

We are also happy to come out and talk to customers in parked cars. This service is often used by people who are too poorly or frail to come out of the car, particularly in bad weather.

The consultation room is also wheelchair accessible.

There is a portable induction loop on the pharmacy counter. This focuses the sound of the voices above the loop directly to your hearing aid. Please ask for the loop to be switched on if you would find it helpful, and remember to switch your hearing aid to “T”.

Please tell us if there is anyway in which we can improve the accessibility of our services.