Embarrassing Symptoms

There are some products that you just don’t want to have to select in a busy shop, or even worse: have to ask someone to buy for you because you can’t get to the shops. Eeek.

Fortunately, there are many options available.

  1. We have a private consultation room in the pharmacy. It is used for all sorts of things: Passport photos, registering patients for serial prescriptions, smoking cessation, and quite often just because we can sit down and have a quiet chat away from the hubbub of the counter. There is no drama about “Going into the Private Room”! So… ask to have a word in private, we’ll go through to the consultation room, have a chat, we often have samples, packs we can open, we can Google things, and when we have worked out what you need we will pop it in a bag with the barcode at the top, discretely scan it at the till, sorted!
  2. Discuss what you need over the phone. Give us a ring on 01340 871 279, say you want to discuss what you need privately so you can just pop in and pick it up / get someone else to collect it and we’ll have it ready in a bag behind the counter. Easy. There might be a 5p bag charge involved, but I think it is worth it.
  3. Browse the pharmacy website, choose what you need, then either arrange for it to be delivered or choose “collect in the pharmacy”. If you can’t see what you want, phone / email us and we’ll add it to the website, it just takes a few minutes.

So if you have personal problems with your bladder, bottom, feet or perspiration please let us know and we will help you quietly and discreetly.