Out-of-hours Healthcare

nhs24 111NHS24 provide healthcare when medical practices are closed. You can contact NHS24 directly by phoning 111, or just dial the usual number for your medical practice and your call will be diverted automatically to NHS24.

When the pharmacy is open but medical centres are closed, for example, at the weekend and on some local / national holidays, the pharmacist can talk to NHS 24 on your behalf. The pharmacist can:

  • Ask a doctor’s advice about your symptoms. Sometimes the pharmacist and doctor might agree that the best option is for a prescription to be faxed to the pharmacy. Sometimes they might agree that it is OK for you to wait to be seen by your own doctor.
  • Make you an appointment to be seen by a doctor at Dr Gray’s Hospital.
  • Ask the duty doctor to phone you to discuss your symptoms.

The pharmacist will fill in a short form before calling NHS24, so all the information is to hand:

  • Patient’s name
  • Address (where you are staying now, for example the hotel address or your relative’s address)
  • Date of birth
  • Name of the doctor and medical centre you are registered with
  • Contact phone number (land line and mobile if possible)
  • Brief description of symptoms and other relevent information

If you have run out of your prescription medication, or do not have enough to last until the medical centre can issue a prescription, please do not just go without your medication. Get in touch with the pharmacy and we will work out a solution. We might be able to write an emergency prescription for you. If we can’t, we will work with NHS24 to get a supply of medication for you.