About the Pharmacy

Karen BraithwaiteAbout us

The pharmacy has been owned and managed by Karen Braithwaite since 2003. Karen is a registered pharmacist and is Superintendent Pharmacist of Aberlour Pharmacy. She studied at the University of Bradford and graduated in 1995 after completing placements in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy in the UK and in a teaching hospital in Spain. Since graduating, Karen has worked in community pharmacy and in the NHS as a prescribing adviser and manager.

The pharmacist is available without appointment for advice on prescription medicines and treating illnesses yourself with over-the-counter medicines.

Karen is assisted by Elaine, Diane and Iris in the dispensary, Yvonne and Eilidh at the pharmacy counter, and Sheila and Liz in the office.


Some customers are happy to talk about anything at the pharmacy counter, and bring other customers into the conversation, despite our best efforts to move the conversation to the consultation room! We do try to move consultations into the private consultation room whenever possible. All you need to do is say “Can I have a word / ask your advice / speak to the pharmacist” and we’ll offer to to use the consultation room. And if our brains completely leave the building, and we don’t pick up on the hint that you would like to talk in private, PLEASE just ask! (Occasionally our telepathy filters malfunction.)

bead on wire toyThe private consultation room can be used for any consultation, because it allows you and the pharmacist to talk without being interrupted. The computer is linked to the dispensary, so we can look at which medicines you have had recently, and scans of your hospital discharge letters if you brought them in, etc.

Although we have a blood pressure meter, a carbon monoxide meter, and adrenaline for anaphylaxis, our most important, most appreciated piece of kit is definitely our Ikea Mula Bead Rollercoaster! It helps us talk to parents without them being too distracted, it helps us build rapport with children before we look at their rash, and it is great for calming children down before we take their passport photo.