Flu Vaccinations

Karen has given flu vaccinations for many years. Like most vaccinators who were once a bit scared of needles, she is careful to make sure the whole process is as relaxed, quick and (almost) painless as possible.

Occupational Health Vaccinations

flu 2Aberlour Pharmacy provides free-of-charge “Occupational Health” vaccinations for :

  • NHS employees (Reception staff, Ambulance staff, Porters, Nurses, Doctors, Ward Clerks, etc.)
  • Care home employees (Parklands, etc.)
  • Professional home carers (The Moray Council staff, Cornerstone staff, etc.)

Please bring along an ID badge or letter from your boss requesting that you are given the vaccination.

Encouragement from the NHS to have your occupational health flu vaccination:

1. It’s the best way of reducing your risk of getting flu.

2. It reduces the risk of spreading flu to your family, colleagues and patients who could be vulnerable to the virus.

3. Even for healthy people, flu can be serious, making them feel extremely unwell and unable to carry on with everyday activities for at least a week.

Staff Vaccination Service

We also offer a Staff Vaccination Service for local employers. The company is invoiced directly once all staff have been vaccinated. Vaccination against flu can reduce the number of sick days taken by employees. No appointment is required, so employees can attend at a time that suits them. Absolute confidentiality is, as always, maintained, so any medical history obtained during the consultation is NOT passed on to the employer. Please contact the pharmacy for more information.

Private Flu Vaccinations

Private flu vaccinations (£20) are given to people who are not entitled to an NHS vaccination. These are particularly popular with self-employed people who want to reduce their risk of ill health over winter.  These vaccinations are available for adults and children over the age of 3 years. Children aged under 13 years who have not been vaccinated against Influenza before need a repeat vaccination after 4 to 6 weeks. The charge for a course of 2 vaccinations is £30.

Forms to fill in at home.

If possible, before you come to the pharmacy, please download a form:

Occupational Health (NHS / Carer) Vaccination Form 

Private Flu Vaccination Form

NHS Information on Flu Vaccinations from 2014 – It is not from this year but is very clear and well written, so I’ve kept it available on the pharmacy website.

Should you, or your neighbour or relative, be getting a vaccination at the medical centre?

If you can tick one (or more) of the boxes below please contact your medical centre for a vaccination.

Please don’t put it off, or even turn down the offer – Flu is a horrid illness, leaves people washed out for weeks, and for people in the categories below it can make them very ill indeed.

Risk Conditions: These are the groups of people at higher risk from flu that the NHS encourages to get vaccinated at their medical centre. (It’s an NHS bureaucracy thing, no clinical reason.)

Conditions and diseases which can make flu much more dangerous include:

  • asthma,
  • bronchitis,
  • emphysema,
  • cystic fibrosis,
  • chronic heart disease,
  • chronic kidney failure,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • liver problems such as cirrhosis/hepatitis,
  • diabetes and
  • HIV infection.
  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment should also get vaccinated.
  • And, if you have children who suffer from any of these conditions, they should be vaccinated too.
  • Anyone 65 years old or more should also be vaccinated.
  • If you provide care for older people, anyone frail, anyone with a physical or mental illness or anyone with an addiction or disability, you’re eligible for the flu vaccine. This includes children or young people aged under 18 carrying out significant caring tasks for another person.

The information above is from the NHS Scotland Immunisation website. Click on the light blue text to get through to their website.

The patient friendly version is here!