NHS24The Chronic Medicine Service is not the best name for a very good new pharmacy service. (There are rumours that the name will be changed soon, phew!)

If you have been on the same medication for a while, and there are no changes planned, please ask about the CMS service. We will print off a form for you to sign, then fill in a form on our computer with you, that asks things like “Can you swallow your tablets easily?”, “Can you read the label?”, etc. (This helps us identify people that might need more help with their long term medication.

So far this process has flagged up people with dyslexia that we didn’t know about, penicillin allergies that weren’t on our records, etc.) Then we will tell your doctor that you have completed all the steps at the pharmacy, please could they consider whether you would be suitable for a 24 week or 48 week prescription that says ”dispense every 8 weeks” on it.

If you are given one of these “CMS” prescriptions we will make up your medication every 8 weeks for you, and it will be ready to collect on our shelves. If you are on creams, inhalers, “when required” painkillers, etc., we will ask you if you need them every 8 weeks. It helps us plan our workload, gives the pharmacy team more time to help people stop smoking, prescribe on the Minor Ailment Service), etc. and is much easier for patients. Please ask any of the pharmacy staff if you would like to know more.