ID Photos

ID Photos

We have been taking ID photos for more than 12 years. It is really rewarding to hear customers say that they are happy with their photo. We find that making sure the customer is relaxed, and that the customer knows that we can easily retake the picture as often as we need to to get just the right picture often gets us a brilliant picture first time.

No appointment is required. (4pm to 5.15pm can be a little hectic with prescriptions. You are welcome to have your photo taken then, but there may be a few minutes wait.) It takes just five minutes to take, adjust and print most photos. Younger customers can take a little longer, but that’s fine. We use the consultation room for photos, so you won’t have an audience.

Our bespoke ID photo system uses a Fuji camera linked via a wireless SD card to the photo editing software and then to Citizen CY dye-sublimation printer. This gives prints that are clear and sharp, and can be handled as soon as they are printed. The software enables us to zoom into the image to ensure the size meets your requirements – for example 29mm to 34mm from the scalp to the tip of the chin for UK passport photos, or ensuring that the eyes are one and two eighth-inches from the bottom of the image for USA and India. (Really!)

We check the image will meet the UK Passport Authority regulations and the DVLA standards, if necessary, before and after we print it. We will also ask you to check it is an image you are happy with before we print it.

Photos are taken for driving licenses, firearms licenses, bus passes, disabled parking passes, highland dancing cards, Young Scot cards, job application forms, work ID, etc.

If you require a “non-standard” photo, for example a passport or visa photo for a foreign country, please bring the details with you. It takes just a few minutes to change the settings on the camera. (It would be even more efficient if you emailed / phoned the pharmacy before you came in, so we could have the settings already programmed into the software.)

We specialise in getting great photos of babies and toddlers. There is no rush, getting the right photo takes patience!

We have taken many photos of siblings, sparkly shoes, characters on tee shirts before we actually get to taking a photo of the right child. They are right to thoroughly test that this photography malarkey to check it is painless! It helps if you can bring a toy to hold behind the camera, to catch the child’s attention. There is a play park with swings and a slide just behind the pharmacy, which is useful if young children need a few minutes away from the camera.

£4.99 for eight UK Passport photos, or six USA / India Passport photos.

We can print images up to 6″ x 4″ (postcard size) in full colour, sepia effect or black and white.