Medicine Counter

We stock a wide range of medicines that can be bought without a prescription.

All the pharmacy staff are trained to ensure that the medicines we supply are safe and appropriate for the person taking them. We are very grateful for your understanding and patience when we ask just a few questions to check this.

If you are in the pharmacy, please ask to talk in the consultation room if we haven’t already suggested this. Sometimes it is hard to judge at the start of a chat at the counter if it is going to be about perms or piles!!

If you are requesting medicines online, please ensure you give us contact details so we can run through the questions with you. It might be easier if you phone us at a time that suits you?

If you request your medication online we can have it ready for collection, bagged up neatly with just your name on the outside. You can then collect it yourself or ask a work colleague / neighbour / relative to collect it for you, or we can get it delivered for a small charge. Relax: Your purchase is private, discrete and simple!

Please note: Payment for prescription medicines is taken in the pharmacy, not via the on-line shopping service.