Stoma Care Products

stoma-careA “stoma” is an opening for the bowel or ureter in the skin of the abdomen. It can be permanent or is sometimes reversed when the underlying condition has been treated.

We supply a wide range of stoma products to many patients in the Speyside area. The service is confidential, discrete and free of charge. We carry many items in stock, and almost all other items can be obtained for the next working day. (That includes Saturdays.) We work closely with Jenny, one of the NHS Grampian Stoma nurses, and phone her for advice when needed. The evening training events for pharmacy staff organised by Jenny are excellent – it is so much easier to help a patient when you have opened the sample packs, tried the adhesive and then the adhesive remover, etc.

Stoma products are available from a number of suppliers, and obviously we would like to be your first choice. But even if you obtain your supplies elsewhere, please tell us that you have a stoma, so we can make a confidential note on your pharmacy records. This will help us make sure any tablets we dispense for you are absorbed and don’t just go straight through, still in their fancy protective coating.

Again, irrespective of where you obtain your supplies, please do ask to talk to the pharmacist in the consultation room if you have any questions or problems with your stoma, or a delivery doesn’t arrive, etc.. We will do our best to help you.